Staff and Volunteers

Vision into Action Coalition Steering Committee
The Vision into Action Coalition began its work in March 2008, led by a Steering Committee made up of community members from diverse backgrounds and supported by City bureau representatives.

Vision into Action Staff
We have two dedicated full-time staff and one intern. Meet them here!

Vision into Action Partners and Friends
Many organizations and individuals have already signed on to support the vision, committing to varying levels of involvement in the action phase. Find out who has signed up to be Partners and Friends of the vision.

Community Gathering Center Leadership Group
The Community Gathering Center, an initiative of Vision into Action, is led by a leadership group of 20 individuals that reflect Portland's diverse cultures, communities of perspectives and experiences, with a focus on people of color, immigrant and refugee communities and underrepresented groups.

Original visionPDX Committee
The original visionPDX Committee was a group of volunteers appointed by City Council to facilitate the creation of a 20-year vision for Portland's future. Members served as vision ambassadors to the community at-large and also set the direction and overall tone of the project. Without the dedication of these incredible volunteers, visionPDX could never have happened.

visionPDX Volunteers
Hundreds of volunteers offered their time, resources and talents to visionPDX. Here, we acknowledge their efforts in helping create our community vision.

visionPDX Transition Team Members
City Council passed a resolution on September 19, 2007, which, among other actions, called for the formation of a Vision into Action Coalition. We assembled a Transition Team of community members who had been involved in visionPDX to help us think through the charge for the Coalition. The Transition Team met five times between October and December 2007.