Portland's Community Visioning Project: visionPDX

Launched in 2005 by Portland Mayor Tom Potter, visionPDX was an extensive public engagement process to develop a shared vision for our community for the next 20 years and beyond.

The purpose of visionPDX was:

  • To invite community members to plan for the future of the city. There had not been a broad look at the current state and direction of Portland for 15 years.

  • To open up government to all Portlanders, particularly to underrepresented groups and communities.

This was the largest public engagement process Portland has completed to date, and one of the largest in North America – over 17,000 Portlanders weighed in with their opinions over two years. Their dreams and aspirations became Portland 2030: a vision for the future, which includes the values Portlanders share and direction on the built, economic, environmental, learning and social future for our city.

To read the vision document, a community engagement report, a summary of the visionPDX data and more, please visit the reading room section of this web site.